GARY ALLEN TUCCI (Executive Producer)

Executive producer Gary Allen Tucci's family owns the Potelco company, an organization that keeps our necessary utilities like electricity flowing. Potelco works locally, nationally and internationally, rushing in to restore power and communication to cities, states and countries who have suffered their loss from disasters and weather damage.

He is most proud of the team with whom he works at Potelco - a company driven by Gary's guiding philosophy of doing business with innovation and integrity that puts their customers and employees first.

His Heart Break Productionz partnership with writer-director-producer Colleen Patrick reflects that same philosophy. While he limits his focus financially, professionally and personally to Heart Break Productionz and his work with Colleen, he privately works to enhance Washington State's film community profile locally, nationally and internationally through his political and business contacts.

A devoted husband and father of three teenagers, the Washington State University graduate enjoys collecting cars and motorcycles as well as competing in such physically challenging endeavors as the Kona Iron Man. Their boat provides his family with major quality time.

Needless to say, supporting Cougar sports is also high on his list of activities, but not as high as watching movies. Unlike most Americans, Gary watches several movies a week - in theaters, on the big screen, as they are meant to be seen.

A tireless advocate for filmmaking in Washington State, Gary helped WashingtonFilmWorks advance their 20% incentive limit to 30%. For every $1 of incentive money paid to filmmakers, the state receives $100 from expenditures and taxes received from filmmakers and related businesses.

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